Ukraine Sex Tourism

Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe, but it is also one of the poorest. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has seen the rapid rise of a sex industry that is one of the largest in Europe. In today’s global age, sex tourism is a common occurrence that’s found all over the world in any country that has open borders.

Ukraine is known as one of the world’s major exporters of prostitutes, who work all over the globe. Additionally, there is a large amount of local Ukrainian women who choose to stay at home and work in the domestic sex industry. Ukrainian girls have gained the stereotypical image of being blonde or brunette and having a good sexual appetite. To some extent, this stereotype is true, but there is much more to it that people may not be unaware of.

What Is Ukrainian Sex Tourism?

Ukrainian sex tourism is simply when foreign tourists visit Ukraine for sexual encounters with local women. Ukraine has been struck hard by poverty since the early 1990s, and many females have desperately made their way into the sex industry. Some estimates say that more than a quarter of the country’s women have worked as sex workers at one point in their lives. Sex tourism in Ukraine is very popular for tourists because it is much cheaper than upscale escort services in parts of Europe and America.

Who is Involved?

Most of the tourists who visit Ukraine for sex tours are from Europe and North America. Italian and Turkish tourists are well known for seeking some “fun” encounters in Ukraine. They are frequent visitors because Ukraine is very close to Italy and Turkey. American and Canadian tourists are also notorious for seeking sex tours in Ukraine.

On the other side of the Ukrainian sex tourism are the sex workers. Most of the sex workers are girls and women, but there is a small percentage of males available for homosexual sex. The age of female sex workers is typically between 20 and 40, while the male workers are much younger. It is also common to find older women working side by side with their younger relatives, sometimes even daughters.

Many of the boys and girls involved in Ukraine’s sex tourism are minors. Since Ukraine defines the age of consent to be 16, most of the minors are 13,14, and 15 years old. The consequences of having intercourse with minors can be severe. Additionally, prostitution is illegal in Ukraine.

However, all of these laws and legislations about the sex industry in Ukraine are unregulated and ignored. Police and authorities are plagued by corruption, and sex tourism happens right in front of their faces. Since the sex industry provides a huge boost to the country’s economy, Ukraine mostly permits it despite the official laws that prohibit it. The reality is that visitors who participate in sex tourism have little to fear when it comes to legal consequences.

Tour Organization

Sex tourism is organized and operated by the Ukrainian underground, or mafia. Although there are plenty of street prostitutes, the internet is a major source for attracting foreign visitors. Websites that present escort services and brides usually offer organized sex tours. The websites are typically disguised as being legitimate to comply with local laws, so people really have to read into the details to find sexual encounters. After appointments have been set up, the meeting places are typically bars, massage parlors, saunas, nightclubs, and hotels. These are the rendezvous points where tourists usually meet up with the “brokers” first. After the encounter, the girls are presented and ready to work on site, or sometimes everyone must travel together to hotels. It is common for a single hotel to be booked with a dozen rooms that are reserved for sex.

Most of Ukraine’s sex tourism takes place in Kiev and Odessa. Since Kiev is the capital and has a population of more than 2 million, it’s not surprising that it is at the center of the action. Odessa plays a unique role in the sex tourism because it has a waterfront location. Situated on the Black Sea, Odessa is a popular choice for many tourists who are looking to enjoy the beach, sea, and local girls. The seafront location also creates a sexual atmosphere, as sex workers walk around in swimsuits and are readily available for encounters in nearby hotels.