South America Sex Tourism

In this guide we shall look at sex tourism in South America. Sex tourism is the process of travelling to a foreign destination in the search for sex. South America is one of the most popular destinations for sex tourists for a huge number of reasons – which we shall look at below.

Why do Sex Tourists love South America?

Not only is South America one of the most beautiful regions of the world to visit but also a great place for those interested in sex tourism.

So why do thousands of sex tourists make South America their chosen destination?

One of the main reasons is the level of sexual liberalism in South America compared to other places. Prostitution is legal in most areas of South America – unlike in the USA where it is illegal everywhere except several counties in the state of Nevada.

For this reason the majority of sex tourists in South America are North Americans who want to take part in activities that are illegal in their home towns. The other benefit of choosing South America is that it is much cheaper to travel to if you are from the USA than other popular sex tourism destinations such as Europe and South-East Asia.

Sexual services in South America are also much cheaper than in other parts of the world. While prostitution is illegal in the USA there are many strip clubs and bars that are also popular choices for sex tourists – but they can be incredibly expensive in the USA compared to those in South America.

Another reason why Europeans and Americans love South America as a sex tourism destination is because of the beautiful men and women that live there and work in the sex industry. South Americans are known for being very attractive and friendly which obviously really appeals to sex tourists!

Where are the best Sex Tourism destinations in South America?

Brazil is by far the most popular sex tourism destination in South America with Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza being the most favored spots.

Colombia is another popular country for sex tourists – and with all South American countries the best sex tourism destinations are based around popular red-light districts. The red-light districts have the most condensed array of sexual services such as brothels, prostitutes, strip clubs and bars so that you can get everything you want from your sex tour in one place!

Columbia is fast taking over from Brazil as the number one sex tourism destination in South America – with the local governments realizing the economic benefits of making their cities more appealing to sex tourists. One of the most popular destinations for sex tourists in Columbia is Cartagena.

Organized Sex Tours in South America

One of the best ways to be a sex tourist in South America is through an organized sex tour. An increasing number of businesses are offering organized sex tours for foreigners wanting to experience local sex industries.

While many people choose to organize their own sex tours which generally just involve flying and staying in a renowned red-light district in South America, others prefer the practicality of having their sex tour organized for them.

By working with a sex tour organizer you can have local knowledge and expertise that can guide you in the right direction so you don’t waste your trip finding your way round. They can tell you the best places to go and can often get you priority service and discounts at various sex service places such as strip clubs and brothels thanks to their strong connections to the industry.

Sex Tourism and Laws in South America

No matter where in the world you travel to to take part in sex tourism – you should always know and understand the laws of the place you are visiting so you don’t land yourself in any legal difficulties!

One of the main reasons that people travel to South America for sex tourism is because of their relaxed laws regarding the sex industry – however there are always still laws you need to abide by.

The most important law to find out about is the age of consent. Many South American countries are very strict on their child abuse laws and you can find yourself in a lot of trouble if you get involved with a sex worker who is underage. In most countries in South America the legal age of consent is between 16 and 18.

Gay and lesbian sex tourists also need to understand the laws on homosexuality in their chosen destination. However South America (particularly Brazil) is renowned for having a very relaxed attitude towards homosexuality in comparison to many other places including parts of the USA.