Russia Sex Tourism

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, Russia has experienced major changes. A collapsed communist economy has led to the rapid growth of a booming sex industry. In addition to Vodka and Caviar, in recent times Russia has become well known for its women. The reality is that Russian women are found all over the world working as prostitutes and escorts. Of course, there is also no shortage of local girls working in Russia’s domestic sex industry.

Today, there is a whole new aspect of Russian tourism that doesn’t involved local attractions, but rather the women. Russian sex tourism is at its peak, and its expected to grow in the future. There are several players involved in this game.

Who is involved in Russian Sex Tourism?
The three key players involved in Russia’s sex tourism industry are the tourists, women, and “brokers.” Most of the people take participate in sex tourism are tourists from Europe and North America. Although considered middle class back home, these visitors are considered wealthy by Russian standards, and that is why they come to Russia for cheap adult vacations.

Although Russian women may be stereotyped as blondes with blue eyes and pale skin, this is far from the reality. Most of the girls working in Russian sex tourism come from former Soviet republics. The girls are very diverse in appearance. The majority of blondes are most likely from countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Estonia. Asian girls come from countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Middle eastern looking women are probably from Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan. Of course, there are plenty of real Russian women who are involved in the sex tours. Whether it’s a tall blonde beauty or a seductive Persian lady, there are plenty of women for every preference.

The “brokers” in Russian sex tourism industry are typically bars, nightclubs, hotels, and internet advertisers. Most of the sex tours are advertised online on escort websites, since this is the best way to reach out to international visitors. The safest way to find sex tours in Russia is to search for escort websites that are usually disguised as massage parlors, saunas, and strip clubs. Organized sex tours in Russia are illegal, but they still take place. Many of the escorts who offer sexual services act as independent contractors, rather than working for someone.

However, many local bars, clubs, and even hotels may offer visitors sex tours once they step inside. Most of Russia’s sex tourism is focused in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Since these are the largest cities in the country, they attract many girls and visitors. Estimates indicate that there are over 150,000 sex workers in these two cities.

Legal Issues Surrounding Russian Sex Tourism

Prostitution is illegal in Russia. However, there are very lax laws about it, as the fines for prostitution may be a few thousands Rubels, which is only a few hundred dollars. Additionally, since sex tourism makes up a large portion of Russia’s economy, many authorities turn a blind eye on it. A major problem in Russia’s sex industry is human trafficking, which is illegal and has strict punishments.

The reality is that the Russia mafia organizes most of the country’s sex tours and prostitution. Many of the women involved in the sex tours are most likely trafficked and forced into it. Another major legal concern in Russian sex tourism relates to minors. The age of consent in Russia is 16. However, there are many younger girls involved in the local sex tourism. Having sex with minors is a serious crime that is punishable by imprisonment.

Safety and Security For Sex Tourists

When taking sex tours in Russia, tourists should be very cautious and aware of their surroundings. The streets of Moscow, especially in the “entertainment” districts, are full of pimps who approach tourists and give them offers. It is not recommended to take offers from random people on the streets. The safest places are nightclubs that are well lit, managed, and located in busy areas rather than some obscure places in the back of an alley.

A large legitimate nightclub or bar that advertises good Vodka may have really offer much more than just drinks. Another safety issue to consider during Russian sex tours is sexually transmitted diseases. Although AIDS is not a major problem among sex workers in Russia, tourists should always be careful.