Nicaragua Sex Tourism

Nicaragua is a small country in Central America that many may not realize is a very popular destination for sex tourism. However, tens of thousands of travelers from around the world head down to Nicaragua to see what it has to offer for sex tourists. In today’s guide we shall look in more detail at Nicaragua’s sex tourism industry.

Attraction to Nicaragua Sex Tourism

There are many reasons why Nicaragua sex tourism has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Despite sex tourism being prevalent in the region for hundreds of years – since the growth of the internet and cheaper travel options, places such as Nicaragua have become a much more attainable destination for sex tourists.

One of the key attractions to Nicaragua sex tourism is the cost. Sex-services such as prostitutes, strip clubs as well as alcohol are significantly cheaper in Nicaragua than other countries where most sex tourists originate from – such as the USA.

Another attraction to Nicaragua sex tourism is that prostitution and homosexuality are both legal there to some extent, meaning overseas sex tourists can engage in acts that may be illegal in their home country. We will look at the laws surrounding Nicaragua sex tourism later on in the article.

Nicaragua is also renowned for its beautiful people – which are a huge drawing card for international sex tourism. So overall, Nicaragua sex tourism offers attractive people, beautiful beaches, relaxed laws and all at a great value cost!

Where to go for Nicaragua Sex Tourism

Nicaragua sex tourism is quite widely spread across the country and you are likely to find sex-related industries in almost every town and city in Nicaragua. However, there are some hot spots that attract the majority of Nicaragua sex tourism.

The most popular destination for Nicaragua sex tourism is in and around the city of Managua. It is estimated that over 2,000 prostitutes work in the red-light district of Managua alone. Managua is renowned for its abundance of activities and businesses that attract Nicaragua sex tourism. You don’t need to walk far to come across massage parlors, strip clubs and street prostitutes.

Additionally, there are brothels and prostitutes lining the streets of the Masaya Highway every night to the south of the capital. This is the commercial corridor where the majority of visitors and Nicaragua sex tourists work and stay.

You will also find strong Nicaragua sex tourism industries within the port cities and along the borders with Honduras and Costa Rica.

Laws Surrounding Nicaragua Sex Tourism

Before setting off for Nicaragua sex tourism, you should always be aware of the laws that govern the country to ensure you don’t get yourself into any trouble! Prostitution is legal in Nicaragua, however there are restrictions on it. For example, while the act of prostitution is legal, it is illegal to run a brothel or to profit from the services of a prostitute as a third person – which includes pimping.

As a visitor to Nicaragua you are not likely to be charged for any offences regarding prostitution unless you are found having sex with a person under the age of consent. The age of consent in Nicaragua is set quite high – at 18 years of age.

Nicaragua sex tourism has been plagued by cases of child trafficking and underage sex, so it is an area that you have to be very careful of. Not only can you be prosecuted by the Nicaraguan authorities but under international laws you may also face sanctions from your home country.

Homosexuality is legal in Nicaragua and the age of consent is the same.

Organizing Nicaragua Sex Tourism

Organizing Nicaragua sex tourism is easy. Many people choose simply to book their flights and accommodation to Nicaragua and then go exploring the streets to find sex-related businesses. The best place to head is Managua as the majority of the Nicaragua sex tourism industry is based here – however feel free to explore the rest of the country!

An increasing number of businesses are starting to sell organized Nicaragua sex tours, whereby they can organize and book your entire trip before you arrive in Nicaragua – ensuring you don’t miss out on the best bits and you get your first choice of girls and guys!