Morocco Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry around the world and one of the most popular destinations for sex tourists is the north-African country of Morocco. In today’s guide we shall look in more detail at Morocco sex tourism and why it has become so popular.

Why Morocco Sex Tourism?

With so many places to go around the world for sex tourism, why do so many people choose to head to Morocco? There are several reason why Morocco sex tourism has become so popular – largely due to the abundance of sex-related industries and easy access to sex services.

Morocco’s sex tourism industry is also a lot cheaper than other countries. The cost of prostitutes and other sex services are much lower than the countries that Morocco sex tourists originate from.

So where do you go for Morocco sex tourism? Let’s take a look.

Popular Morocco Sex Tourism Destinations

The majority of Morocco’s sex tourism industry is based around popular tourist destinations. While there are smaller Morocco sex tourism industries along major routes in and out of the country the majority can be found in cities such as Marrakech and Casablanca.

Almost every city in Morocco has some sort of sex-industry with a wide range of prostitutes, strip clubs and other sex tourist attractions.

Casablanca is probably best known for Morocco sex tourism and has the most established red-light district in Morocco. The red-light district of Casablanca is situated around the Boulevard Hassan Seghir and Rue Mohammed Smiha.

Casablanca attracts a huge amount of Morocco sex tourism, particularly those originating from Europe. Arab and African Morocco sex tourists tend to populate the southern part of the country more often than the north.

Prostitution and Morocco Sex Tourism

Prostitution is actually illegal in Morocco; however this is not to say that prostitution does not exist. In fact, it is quite the opposite. In all countries where prostitution has been made illegal there are always loopholes through which prostitutes operate and the industry is flourishing in Morocco.

Prostitution has been alive and well in Morocco for hundreds of years and Morocco sex tourism isn’t a new concept. Travelers and visitors have been taking advantage of the wide range of prostitutes and sex services in Morocco for many years.

Despite being illegal, prostitution is widely accepted in Morocco and the laws are rarely enforced.

Who Takes Part in Morocco Sex Tourism?

The Morocco sex tourism industry is incredibly diverse. While most people assume that all sex tourists are straight men, it is far from the truth.

Morocco is one of the world’s leading female sex tourism destinations. Female sex tourists head to Morocco for the purposes of meeting locals and having a romantic relationship or ‘holiday fling’ while they’re on vacation. This is very different to male Morocco sex tourists who plan on paying for sex services when they arrive.

Morocco sex tourism also attracts homosexual men and women. While homosexual acts are actually illegal in Morocco, there is still an underground gay and lesbian Morocco sex tourism scene that is particularly popular with the Arabs.

Organized Morocco Sex Tours

The best way to make the most out of your Morocco sex tourism trip is through an organized sex tour. With the growth of the internet it is now much easier to meet with and arrange sex tours with locals prior to your arrival in Morocco.

Organized sex tours can be very affordable and ensure that everything is sorted before you arrive. You can find a wide range of organized sex tours on the internet; however make sure that they are legitimate before putting down any cash.

Many prostitutes in Morocco have ads on the internet so rather than having to organize an entire sex tour you can organize to meet with specific prostitutes or call girls and arrange for them to meet you at your hotel when you arrive for example!

You don’t need to organize your Morocco sex tourism to have a good time, however. Many people prefer just to book their flights and accommodation in a city such as Casablanca and simply turn up and explore. Often spontaneous is the best way to go!