Korea Sex Tourism

Korea has recently been touted as one of the world’s leading sex tourism destinations. Sex tourism is the process by which people travel overseas for the purposes of paying for sexual services. So why is Korea sex tourism on the rise and what can it offer you?

Why Korea Sex Tourism?

With so many sex tourism destinations around the world, why do people head to Korea? There are several answers to this.

Korea’s sex industry is massive and it is a major player in the local economy. Therefore there are a huge number of sex-related businesses that make Korea a sex tourist haven.

Korea has a very relaxed attitude towards the sex industry and is overall very tolerant towards sex workers and Korea sex tourism. In fact, Korea is home to a sex theme park called Jeju Loveland on Cheju Island – a definite must-see for Korea sex tourists!

The women in Korea, as in other parts of Asia, are notoriously friendly, polite, caring and beautiful which is a huge attraction to Western sex tourists.

While Korea’s sex tourism industry is not as cheap as the services offered in some countries such as Thailand and Africa, it is still significantly cheaper than in places such as the USA. The quality of service is also high and the women generally work in sophisticated settings, with a lot less street prostitution than in other popular sex tourism destinations.

Prostitution in Korea

As we mentioned before, prostitution is actually illegal in Korea, which is not to say it doesn’t happen. In fact, the sex industry in Korea is said to be worth an estimated $13 billion every year – a large proportion of which comes from international Korea sex tourism.

Since prostitution was made illegal in Korea, they instead work through loopholes in the system. Much of Korea’s sex tourism is based around salons and hostess bars, whereby Korea sex tourists can meet with beautiful women in sophisticated settings and if they choose to have sex they will not do so on the premises – instead going to a hotel or home.

Call girls are also very common in the Korea sex tourism industry – with businessman and sex tourists inviting them to their hotel rooms.

Since a major government intervention, red-light districts have largely declined across Korea, however you will still find plenty of sex-businesses on most streets of the major cities of Korea.

Child prostitution is a big problem in Korea and they are cracking down on anyone caught getting involved in underage Korea sex tourism. The legal age of consent in South Korea is 13 years of age.

Popular Korea Sex Tourism Destinations

The Korea sex tourism industry is pretty widespread across the country, and there are few places you will go where you won’t find some sort of sex-related business to satisfy your needs.

However, the majority of Korea sex tourism is based around the major cities. Despite a decrease in red-light districts in Korea, the do still exist just to a lesser extent. The red-light districts of Korea are generally located around bus and train stations to maximize the number of customers and making it easier for Korea sex tourists to get there.

One popular destination for Korea sex tourism is the Dongducheon red light district located next to the city’s bus depot. Stanleyville is another popular destination for Korea sex tourists.

Organized Korea Sex Tourism Tours

One of the most popular ways to take advantage of Korea sex tourism is through organized sex tours. Organized sex tours allow you to work with local professionals who can guide you to the best places to satisfy all of your needs.

They often have insider knowledge and can book girls/guys for you as well as organize your accommodation and transport for while you’re over there.

The best way to find organized Korea sex tours is on the internet. Since the growth of the internet more and more Korean organized sex tour businesses are opening up. There are a wide range of sex tours to choose from – no matter what your sexual orientation or gender.