Japanese Sex Tours

South-east Asia is one of the world’s most popular destinations for sex tourism and sex tours. Within south-east Asia many people choose to head to the beautiful country of Japan to take part in Japanese sex tours. We shall look at Japanese sex tours in more detail in today’s guide.

What are Japanese Sex Tours?

To put it simply, Japanese sex tours are organized vacations through which the customer heads to Japan for the purpose of having sexual gratification.

Japanese sex tours have become very popular, particularly in recent years, and are a preferred destination for millions of sex tourists from around the world every single year.

Attraction to Japanese Sex Tours

So why are Japanese sex tours so popular? There are many factors that attract people to Japanese sex tours. Japan is renowned for its sex industry and is a relatively liberal and tolerant country when it comes to all things sex-related.

The Japanese sex tour industry is worth billions of dollars every year and due to its popularity it has built the infrastructure to deal with and satisfy all their visitors. There are a huge number of sex-related businesses across Japan and sex tourists will not have a shortage of things to see or do!

Japan is also known for its very beautiful, friendly and caring people. Western men are attracted to Japanese women and Japanese sex tours give them the ideal and simple way to meet them.

There are several types of Japanese sex tours to suit everyone’s taste and budget. We shall look at some of these types below.

Types of Japanese Sex Tours

While the majority of the Japanese sex tour clientele are straight men, there are still a huge number of Japanese sex tours that cater to homosexuals, women and minority groups. Just as every person has their own sexual preference – there is a Japanese sex tour to suit everyone!

Homosexuality is legal in Japan and is well tolerated. Gay Japanese sex tours are becoming increasingly popular and it is estimated that the global gay sex tourism industry is worth billions every year.

Japanese sex tours, as we mentioned before, are organized tours that help their clients to make the most of the Japanese sex industry. Prostitution s actually illegal in Japan, however this does not mean it doesn’t occur. There are loopholes through which prostitutes operate and Japanese sex tours help their customers to find these.

There are Japanese sex tours that will simply help you organize accommodation and flights, whereas there are others that will provide you with a full itinerary and priceless insider advice about where to go.

Prostitution in Japan

As we mentioned before, prostitution is illegal in Japan, however prostitution has existed across Japan throughout history.

It is illegal both to be a customer of prostitution as well as to be a prostitute – however there are no sanctions detailed for doing so. It is only coital sex that is illegal, oral sex, anal sex and other sex acts are actually totally legal in Japan.

The centre of the sex and prostitution industry in Japan – and a favorite destination for Japanese sex tours – is Tokyo. Tokyo is well regarded for offering high-class prostitution services and has a huge customer base that comes back year after year.

Organizing a Japanese Sex Tour

Organizing a Japanese sex tour is easy. While you can organize it completely on your own, there are a huge number of businesses that offer organized Japanese sex tours to save you all the hassle and ensure you make the most out of your trip.

The easiest way to find a Japanese sex tour is on the internet. Most Japanese sex tour businesses are used to dealing with international clients so most of their websites are in English, as well as in Japanese. Prices will vary between sex tour companies, however if you shop around you are sure to find the right Japanese sex tour at the right price.

Japanese sex tours come in all shapes and sizes. Some will last just a couple of days and stay within one area, whereas others may take you across Japan to experience all that their sex industry has to offer.