Iceland Sex Tourism

Iceland may not be on the top of everyone’s to-go list; however you may be surprised at what this beautiful country has to offer. In today’s guide we shall look at why it is becoming a very popular European sex tourism destination.

Attraction to Iceland Sex Tourism

Iceland is a wonderful destination – particularly during the summer months where it is more hospitable. There are many reasons why people choose to head to Iceland for sex tourism.

Iceland sex tourism is particularly attractive to those in Europe as with new budget airlines there are an increased amount of bargain flights to Iceland. Prior to a few years ago Iceland was very expensive to access.

Many other popular sex tourism destinations around the world are favored for their cheap sex services, however this is not something that Iceland sex tourism offers. Prices are somewhat higher in Iceland for prostitutes and other sex services due to high living expenses there.

Despite this, many Iceland sex tourists like the fact that Iceland is not overly crowded like other popular sex tourism destinations and has not become too touristy- such as places like Amsterdam.

Iceland sex tourism also appeals to the gay and lesbian community. The Icelandic culture is very tolerant of gays and lesbians and there are plenty of services available for homosexual Iceland sex tourists – particularly in the capital of Reykjavik.

Iceland appeals to all sorts of sex tourists, including women. Iceland is renowned for its beautiful people, which attract men and women from around Europe and the rest of the world. As a whole, they are very open about their sexuality in Iceland and sex is not as much of a taboo subject as in other countries.

Popular Iceland Sex Tourism Destinations

The majority of Iceland’s sex tourism industry is based around the capital of Reykjavik. Two-thirds of the population of Iceland live in the greater Reykjavik region so it’s easy to see why most Iceland sex tourism is here!

The sex industry is not as ‘in-your-face’ as other popular sex tourism destinations like Thailand and Eastern Europe. It is a lot more subtle, yet oozes more class and sophistication than other destinations. Prostitution is actually illegal in Iceland as of 2009, which is why a lot of the sex industry has gone underground.

We shall look in more detail at the laws and regulations surrounding Iceland sex tourism below.

Laws Surrounding Iceland Sex Tourism

It would be naïve to travel to any country for sex tourism without understanding the laws and sanctions that surround their sex tourism industry. Iceland sex tourism is no exception – and with several changes to the laws in recent years it is important you are on top of it.

Prostitution has recently been made illegal in Iceland – however it is the client that commits the crime not the prostitute. This means that prostitution is still alive and well in Iceland, but if you are planning on taking part in it during your Iceland sex tourism trip then you have to be careful. Just remember that it is illegal to pay for sex.

In early 2010 strip clubs were also made illegal, and it is hard to say what affect this will have on the Iceland sex tourism industry so early.

The age of consent in Iceland is 15 years of age for all sexual orientations and genders – and if you are found having sex with a person under 15 you face up to 16 years imprisonment as well as sanctions from your home country.

Homosexuality is well tolerated and legal in Iceland.

HIV/AIDS and Iceland Sex Tourism

Another reason why people choose Iceland sex tourism over other destinations is that the prevalence of HIV infected people is much lower than in poorer countries. Iceland has an HIV rate that is less than the United Kingdom and USA.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be careful. The highest rates of HIV infected people are found among sex workers – so it is important to always be safe.