Gay Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is a largely unspoken about industry – however billions of dollars are spent each year by sex tourists around the world. An increasingly popular group of sex tourists are gays – and in this guide we shall look in more detail at gay sex tourism.

What is Gay Sex Tourism?

Sex tourism is the practice of traveling to a domestic or foreign city with the purpose of taking part in sexual activities. Gay sex tourism is simply sex tourism for gays!

The types of activities that gay sex tourists participate in vary – some go with the sole intention of having sex with others whereas others only partially go with that intention.

The Gay Sex Tourism Industry

The gay sex tourism industry is a niche tourism market that is starting to catch on more predominantly around the world.

In a recent report it was found that approximately 10 percent of tourists around the world are gay and lesbian – showing how influential the market is.

Thousands of gay and lesbian singles and couples head to various destinations around the world each year which has great benefits to local and international economies.

As homosexuality is becoming much more acceptable around the world, more and more people are openly taking part in gay sex tourism and it is expected to become a much larger and open industry with new specifically gay sex tour companies opening up all the time.

Why does Gay Sex Tourism Exist?

There are many reasons why gay sex tourism exists – many of which are very similar to those for straight sex tourists.

When you’re on holiday many people feel that they can truly live out their desires – sometimes at home you can feel a little restricted and afraid to try something new. As a sex tourist you can let your inhibitions go and just have lots of fun – then once it’s all over you can go home to your normal life again with no consequences!

Another reason why gay sex tourism has come about is that not all cities and countries are very tolerant towards homosexuals, so many travel overseas where it is more acceptable and they can be themselves and meet other gays more easily. In many countries homosexuality is actually illegal so many gay people are very restricted when it comes to being themselves – giving them a good reason to get away to a gay-friendly destination.

Essentially the main reason why gay sex tourism exists is because it is fun! We all love sex – so why not incorporate it into our next vacation for the ultimate getaway?!

What are the most popular gay sex tourist destinations?

The number of popular gay sex tourist destinations are constantly on the rise as homosexuality is becoming increasingly tolerated.

However currently the majority of popular gay sex tourism places are based around large cities that have well-known gay communities. Gay sex tourists tend to choose cities that have very permissive or liberal attitudes towards gays and have a range of facilities specifically designed for them such as gay bars, hotels, nightclubs and more. It is usually somewhere where they can feel comfortable being gay and socialize with other gays in a safe, legal environment.

Popular destinations for gay sex tourists include numerous cities in Europe – but the best known of which is the island of Lesbos in Greece – which is one of the most popular gay holiday destinations in the world.

Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand are also popular destinations for gay sex tourists – as well as with straight sex tourists. Thailand is very liberal in terms of its sex industry and there are a huge range of options open to you at very competitive prices compared to the rest of the world.

Tel Aviv in Israel is another popular destination for gay sex tourists – and the government is actually actively working towards making Tel Aviv the most popular gay tourist destination in the world. Because of these plans many gay-friendly attractions are being built to help attract more gay sex tourists.

Other popular destinations for gay sex tourists include San Francisco, California and Sydney in Australia.