Female Sex Tourism

Many people think that sex tourism is a male dominated industry; however thousands of women partake in sex tourism each year to places all around the world. In this guide we shall look in more detail at the female sex tourism industry.

How does Female Sex Tourism differ from Male Sex Tourism?

The purpose of sex tourism for women is much different to their male counterparts – and is not dissimilar to the way they both work in everyday life.

Male sex tourists tend to be looking purely for sexual encounters with strangers whether this is through brothels, strip clubs or local prostitutes. In most cases men will pay for these sexual encounters.

Female sex tourists on the other hand are more interested in having a holiday romance or fling – which may or may not result in sex. This usually involves either meeting fellow tourists at the resort they are staying at or meeting locals at their destination. Women rarely pay for sexual or romantic encounters with men during sex tours – however there are a small number who seek the services of male prostitutes or ‘gigolos’ when abroad.

The most popular destinations for female sex tourists are also quite different to males and whereas men tend to head for renowned red light districts, females are more likely to choose holiday and resort destinations. We shall look in more detail below at the most popular desenjoy tination for female sex tourists.

History of Female Sex Tourism

Despite only recently being recognized as a popular form of tourism, female sex tourism actually dates back to the 1800’s in Rome during the beginning of the feminism age where women were encouraged to have more independence and freedom.

Throughout World War 1, many rich Americans and European aristocrats had affairs and romantic flings – with this type of travel purpose carrying on ever since.

Why do Females enjoy Sex Tourism?

There are many reasons why women enjoy sex tourism. We all have natural desires towards other people and sometimes we may find it hard to satisfy these desires in our home town. Perhaps they live in a small community or perhaps promiscuous behavior is not accepted where they live. There are lots of reasons why women decide to be a sex tourist.

The appeal of ‘holiday romances’ are clear – you can have all the fun of a sexual relationship back at home but without any strings attached. You don’t need to worry about anyone finding out or it becoming too serious – as you simply jump on a flight back home!

Some women simply want a companion – and perhaps the men in their home town are not appealing or perhaps they find foreign men more appealing. The reasons for enjoying sex tourism are very personal – and every woman’s reasons will be different!

Where are the most popular Female Sex Tourism Destinations?

As we mentioned before, the most popular destinations for female sex tourists are very different to males.

The most popular destinations for female sex tourists are Southern Europe, the Caribbean, South East Asia and Dubai. Countries such as Thailand, Dominican Republic and Cuba are also popular – both with female and male sex tourists.

Jamaica is known as one of the most popular destinations for female sex tourists and it is estimated that each year approximately 80,000 women from Europe and the USA travel to Jamaica each year on sex tours.

Popular female sex tourism destinations in Southern Europe include: Spain, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Ukraine and Croatia.

Precautions for Female Sex Tourists

As a female we have to take extra precautions to protect our safety – particularly when we are abroad as sex tourists.

Make sure that you stay at a safe resort and always let someone know where you are going – particularly if it is to a male’s place for the night!

Always practice safe sex – particularly when travelling to destinations such as the Bahamas, Africa and the Caribbean. The Caribbean has the highest rates of HIV and AIDs infection in the world. By using a condom you will significantly decrease your risk of infection.