Colombia Sex Tourism

Colombia is becoming one of the world’s most popular sex tourism destinations. People travel from all over the world to take advantage of the strong and prevalent sex industry that Columbia has. Men and women of all ages and orientations take part in Colombia sex tourism, which we shall discuss in more detail in today’s article.

Attraction to Colombia Sex Tourism

In recent years Colombia’s sex tourism industry has seen a massive growth – largely due to cultural and government factors that have led to the sex industry being less regulated and more open to both locals and overseas sex tourists.

Many people are saying that Colombia is set to take over from Thailand as the world’s sex tourism hotspot. Colombia, like Thailand, is well known for its beautiful women who are appealing to men from around the world – particularly the USA and Europe.

It is not just the men that want to experience the beautiful people involved in Columbia’s sex tourism industry – but women too. Many female sex tourists book vacations in Colombia with the purpose of having a romantic and sexual relationship with attractive male locals in Colombia – very different the practice of men which is usually to pay for sexual services.

Colombia sex tourism is also attractive to foreigners as it is generally a lot cheaper than many other countries. Colombia is a relatively poor country and prostitutes and other sex workers are not nearly as expensive as they are in Western countries such as the USA and the UK.

Perhaps the most common reason why people choose Colombia for sex tourism is the fact that prostitution is legal in Colombia. Many countries have made prostitution illegal – for example prostitution is illegal in all but one states of the USA. This has meant that many Americans and other nationalities are heading overseas to places like Columbia to take part in the legal sex industry.

Laws and Regulations Surrounding Colombia Sex Tourism

Before travelling for Columbia sex tourism you need to understand the laws and regulations surrounding the Columbia sex industry to avoid getting yourself into any trouble!

Prostitution is legal in Colombia, however it is only legal in designated “tolerance zones” across the major cities.

The age of consent in Columbia is 14 – regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Anyone found having sex (of any form) with a person under the age of 14 will be imprisoned for between 4 and 8 years.

Popular Colombia Sex Tourism Destinations

While the sex industry is widely spread across Columbia there are several hotspots that are very popular with Colombia sex tourists.

As with most sex tourism destinations, Columbia’s sex industry is largely based around the red-light districts of the major cities. A large majority of Colombia’s sex workers operate in the capital of Bogota.

Another popular Colombia sex tourism destination is Cartagena, and in fact it is estimated that approximately half of all people on the streets of Cartagena in the early hours are involved in the sex industry. Cartagena is located on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Colombia so is an ideal destination for Colombia sex tourists wanting to mix a beach vacation with sexual fun!

HIV/AIDS and Colombia Sex Tourism

Like many popular sex tourism destinations around the world, one of the main issues that lurk over the industry is the problem of HIV/AIDS.

While Colombia isn’t as badly affected as other destinations – it is still a big problem and Colombia sex tourists need to be safe when they are there. Many people think the rules of staying safe don’t apply when they are on vacation – however this is when they are the most important.

One of the main ways that people become infected by HIV in Columbia is through sexual intercourse with sex workers. In fact, in some Columbia sex tourism hotspots up to 6 percent of sex workers are infected by the HIV virus. The rates could even be higher in some areas where the sex industry is not regulated.

Gay men are more heavily affected by HIV/AIDS than any other group in Columbia.