China Sex Tourism

China is one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world and having seen tremendous economic growth in recent decades it has become a popular place for tourists from around the world. Increasingly China is also now becoming a very popular place for sex tourism, which we shall look at in more detail in today’s article.

Attraction to China Sex Tourism

There are many reasons why China’s sex tourism industry has seen a massive boom in recent years. In fact, millions of men and women travel to China each year to take part in China sex tourism. So what is it that attracts sex tourists to China?

One of the key reasons is that the cost of sex services are a lot cheaper than in many western countries such as the USA. Accommodation, food and other necessities are also generally a lot cheaper. Despite prostitution being illegal in China, it is a lot less heavily regulated than in other countries.

China is also a lot more tolerant towards homosexuality than many other countries. It is not highly tolerated within rural China, however there are large gay scenes in the larger cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Men, women, lesbians, gays and more take part in China’s sex tourism industry and visitors come from around the world.

Popular China Sex Tourism Destinations

China is a very large country so naturally there are several popular China sex tourism destinations. In most cases the majority of good China sex tourism locations are around the main cities in red-light districts. As we mentioned before, there is a lot less of a sex-scene in rural China where is it is more conservative.

The main red light districts of China are in Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing’s red-light district is situated in the district of Dashilan, and Shanghai’s in the district of Simalu.

If you are travelling to Hong Kong for China sex tourism then head to Portland Street – the cities most renowned red light district.

Other than the red light districts you will find go-go bars, karaoke bars, strip clubs, massage parlors and more located across the smaller cities – not just in the main cities. In many cases these places will be disguised as non-sexual places for the sake of avoiding the authorities.

Laws Surrounding China Sex Tourism

It is very important to understand the laws of any country that you are intending on visiting for the purposes of sex tourism.

Prostitution is illegal in China, which is not to say it doesn’t happen. If taking part in prostitution you will need to act with caution as although the laws are not strictly enforced the penalties can be quite severe should you be caught.

Due to increased technology in recent years prostitution and the sex industry as a whole has become quite hard to control – largely with the use of prostitutes soliciting via the internet and mobile phones.

A very important law to be aware of is the age of consent when taking part in China sex tourism. The age of consent on Mainland China is 14 for both hetero and homosexuals and 16 years of age in Hong Kong for heterosexual couples and 21 years for homosexual couples. There are additional laws surrounding paying for sex with anyone under the age of 24, which you will need to be research before arriving in China.

If found having sex with a minor while on a China sex tourism trip you could face up to life imprisonment.

HIV/AIDS and China Sex Tourism

HIV/AIDs is a problem within every country’s sex tourism industry, and China’s sex tourism industry is no exception. It is essential that you always wear protection.

Prostitutes and other sex workers are said to have the highest rate of HIV/AIDs out of any group in China. It is estimated that 1 in 200 sex workers in China are infected with HIV. In some provinces the infection rate is even higher – for example in the Yunnan Province approximately 7 percent of all sex workers are infected with HIV.