Cheap Sex Tourism Destinations

Sex tourism is an almost-underground multibillion dollar industry that involves ‘sex tourists’ heading to foreign countries and cities in the search for sexual encounters. In this guide we shall look at some of the cheapest places to go for sex tourism.

South-East Asia for Sex Tourism

One of the most popular places in the world for sex tourism is South East Asia – and fortunately it is also one of the cheapest!

Thailand is by far the most popular choice for cheap sex tourism in South East Asia – followed by Bali and the Philippines. Accommodation, food, and transport is all very cheap in South East Asia – as is the sex industry. You can get the same services as you can in your home country or other western countries in South-East Asia for less than half the price.

South-East Asia is one of the best prepared countries for sex tourists – and there are lots of sex tour companies that specifically cater for sex tourists of all kinds.

The best time to go is during the off-peak season. Most sex tourists head to south-east Asia between November and February – so travelling at another time will mean that you have more options and because girls and sex-related companies are experiencing slow business during this time they will generally offer you lower prices to secure your business!

Eastern Europe and Russia for Sex Tourism

Eastern Europe is another very popular destination for cheap sex tourism – particularly for North and Western Europeans.

Some of the cheapest and most popular places for sex tourism in Eastern Europe include: Ukraine, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia.

Ukraine is fast becoming the cheap sex tourism capital of Europe with an increased number of girls taking advantage of the benefits of the industry. The three most popular cheap sex tourism places in Ukraine are Kherson, Odessa and Crimea – all of which are red light districts of Ukraine.

There are numerous destinations in Russia that are popular destinations for sex tourists looking for a cheap destination to go to, however Vladivostok in Far-Eastern Russia is one of the cheapest and best sex tourism destinations. There are a wide range of brothels, strip clubs and more in Vladivostok – and accommodation and general costs there are also very cheap.

Central and South America for Sex Tourism

If you live in the USA and after a cheap sex tourism place that is a little closer to home – then Central and South America is a great choice for you.

Mexico is your closest cheap sex tourism place – and thousands of sex tourists head to several popular destinations in Mexico each year. Most large cities in Mexico are good choices for cheap sex tourism, however the most popular destinations include the red light districts of Zona Norte in Tijuana and Boy’s Town in Nuevo Laredo.

Zona Norte is particularly popular with U.S. residents due to its close proximity to Southern California. As well as being cheap, sex workers in Zona Norte must hold a permit and are subjected to monthly health checks to ensure both their and your health are kept safe. All brothels in Zona Norte must also follow strict cleanliness and health standards.

Other popular destinations for sex tourists in Central and South America include Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Costa Rica and Cuba.

While the price of sexual activities in Central and South America are not usually as cheap as in South-East Asia – the cost of travel to these destinations is usually significantly cheaper if you live in the USA.

Cheap Sex Tourism Destinations for Women

It is not only men who enjoy the benefits of sex tourism. In fact, hundreds of thousands of women travel to various destinations around the world each year looking for sexual and romantic relationships.

Most women prefer to stay at holiday resorts where they can have holiday romances as opposed to the red-light district style of sex tourism favored by men. Because of this, there are a wider range of cheap tourist destinations for female sex tourists.

For U.S. females, the most popular destination for sex tourism is Jamaica and Barbados. Flights from the USA are relatively cheap and females generally do not have to pay for sexual activities when they arrive so their vacations are relatively cheaper than males.

In Europe, popular cheap sex tourism destinations for women include Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey.