Canada Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is a huge industry across the world, and as sex is becoming a less taboo subject, sex tourism is on the rise. In today’s guide we shall look at Canada’s sex tourism industry.

About Canada Sex Tourism

Sex tourism happens in practically every country of the world – just to different degrees. Different countries can offer differing benefits to sex tourists – some have lenient laws whereas others offer cheap services.

Canada essentially offers neither to the extent that other countries can offer, however it is still a popular destination for hundreds of thousands of sex tourists around the world – mostly Americans.

Canada sex tourism is on the rise, with more and more Americans crossing the border in the search for sexual services. The laws are a lot less strict regarding prostitution in Canada than they are in the United States which is what has made Canada’s sex tourism industry boom.

It is not just straight men who take part in Canada sex tourism, as many might expect. In fact, men, women, gays and lesbians of all ages take advantage of Canada’s sex tourism industry.

Until a few years ago the age of consent in Canada was just 14 years of age, which was another reason why Canada was a popular sex tourism destination for overseas visitors.

Laws and Tolerance Surrounding Canada Sex Tourism

Canada has much more heavily enforced laws surrounding their sex tourism industry than many other popular sex tourism destinations such as Thailand and Eastern Europe – however this hasn’t stopped it from having several Canada sex tourism hot-spots.

As we mentioned before, the age of consent has recently been risen to 16 years of age from the previous age of 14. Despite the age of consent being 16, it is illegal to pay for sex with any person under the age of 18 – both residents and Canada sex tourists. Additionally, the age of consent for anal intercourse in Canada is 18. However this has largely been declared unconstitutional in several parts of Canada including Ontario and Quebec.

Most Canada sex tourism visitors head to Canada to make use of sexual services such as prostitutes. Prostitution in Canada is technically legal, however there are many activities that surround prostitution that make it quite difficult to find loopholes through which to take part in prostitution legally. For example, running or being found in a brothel is illegal as well as soliciting in a public place.

Reality of Canada Sex Tourism

Despite there being many rules and laws surrounding Canada’s sex tourism industry – it does still exist and is highly prevalent in many parts of Canada. It is largely known that the Canadian authorities essentially turn a blind eye to escorts and dating services, however take street prostitution very seriously.

Below we shall look at some of the most popular Canada sex tourism destinations.

Popular Canada Sex Tourism Destinations

In Canada, like in many sex tourism destinations, the most popular locations for Canada sex tourism is within the major cities. There is very little sex tourism in the smaller towns and provinces of Canada.

Probably the most popular Canada sex tourism destination is Vancouver. The laws surrounding prostitution are considered much more tolerant in Vancouver than other parts of Canada, and you can find a huge number of sex-related businesses across the city – usually going under a different name such as a ‘Body Rub Parlour’ and such.

Saskatoon is another popular Canada sex tourism destination and attracts thousands of male and female sex tourists every year. Despite prostitution being largely illegal, there are still a huge number of street prostitutes and brothels operating across the city.

HIV and Canada Sex Tourism

No matter where you travel as a sex tourist you always need to be safe. It has been estimated that approximately 26 percent of all sex workers in Vancouver are HIV positive – and the statistics are similar in Saskatoon.

No matter how safe you feel when taking part in Canada sex tourism – always wear protection!