Cambodia Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is a major global industry worth billions each year. People travel to many different countries in the search for an ideal sex tourism destination. In today’s guide we shall look at Cambodia sex tourism.

About Cambodia Sex Tourism

Sex tourism, for those who don’t know, is the process by which overseas visitors travel to a country for the purposes of finding sexual gratification or taking part in sex-related industries in that country.

This can mean seeking prostitutes, strip clubs, flings with locals and more. There are many reasons why people choose to travel to Cambodia and other countries for sex tourism. Often the reasons include the fact that services are cheaper overseas and the laws are less strictly enforced. Others feel less guilty about taking part in sex tourism activities when they are away from their home country.

Cambodia sex tourism is one of the largest in the world, and it attracts hundreds of thousands of sex tourists every year. A lot of what goes on in the Cambodia sex tourism industry is illegal – and we shall look at some of the legalities surrounding Cambodia sex tourism below.

Legalities Surrounding Cambodia Sex Tourism

Unlike many other popular sex tourism destinations, prostitution has actually been illegal in Cambodia since 2008. This is not to say that it doesn’t still happen though. In fact there are an estimated 15,000 prostitutes illegally working in Phnom Penh alone and the government has little power over what happens.

In many cases the Cambodian authorities turn a blind eye to prostitution in Cambodia and very few arrests have ever been made.

The legal age of consent in Cambodia is 15 and it is an offence to have sex with anyone under that age.

Homosexuality in Cambodia is legal which has led to a rise in gay and lesbian Cambodia sex tourists year after year. In fact, Cambodia is one of the most tolerant countries towards homosexuals and there are many prostitutes and sex services to accommodate gay Cambodia sex tourists.

Child Sex Tourism in Cambodia

One of the big issues affecting Cambodia is child sex tourism. Unfortunately Cambodia has been renowned as being a Mecca for pedophiles and others seeking sex with underage girls and boys.

Approximately 35 percent of sex workers and prostitutes in Cambodia are under the age of 16. It is a major issue for Cambodia and international agencies are assisting with helping the government to combat this problem.

Many child prostitutes are trafficked into the country for the sake of Cambodia sex tourism from surrounding countries – in particular Vietnam.

If found taking part in Cambodia sex tourism with minors you will face up to 30 years imprisonment by the Cambodian government as well as potentially facing sanctions from your home country under international laws.

Popular Cambodia Sex Tourism Destinations

There are several popular Cambodia sex tourism destinations across the country that attract millions of sex tourists from around the world.

Generally the Cambodia sex tourism hot-spots are located in the red-light districts of major cities. One of the most popular destinations for Cambodia sex tourism is in the Tuol Kok district of Phnom Penh – Cambodia’s capital.

Another popular Cambodia sex tourism destination is the Svay Pak red-light district, however a large number of prostitutes in this area are minors that have been trafficked from Vietnam.

Warnings When Travelling as a Cambodia Sex Tourist

No matter where you travel as a sex tourist you need to be safe. One of the main issues affecting the Cambodia sex tourism industry is HIV/AIDS.

It is estimated that between 40 and 50 percent of prostitutes in Cambodia are HIV positive, and over 60 percent are infected with other types of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Condoms are not always readily available in brothels and around Cambodia so it is essential that you always carry them with you when taking part in Cambodia sex tourism.

Finally, always obey the laws. What you do is up to you, but remember that prostitution is illegal in Cambodia and you travel at your own risk!