Bulgaria Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is big business across the world, and one of the increasingly popular destinations for sex tourists is the eastern European country of Bulgaria. In today’s guide we shall look in more detail at Bulgaria sex tourism.

About Bulgaria Sex Tourism

Bulgaria is a country situated in Eastern Europe and has borders with Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey.

Sex tourism is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry that is largely unspoken about. However, millions of people around the world travel interstate or overseas in the search for sexual services – either paid for or free.

Both men and women travel to Bulgaria for sex tourism and the number of Bulgaria sex tourists are fast on the rise. Below we shall look at why Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly popular destination for sex tourists.

Attractions to Bulgaria Sex Tourism

Not only is Bulgaria a beautiful country with much to offer any visitor – but it is also a very popular destination for sex tourists. In fact, it has been named by Men’s Health magazine as one of the top male sex tourism destinations in the world.

The majority of Bulgaria sex tourists come from Europe and North America. With an increase in general tourism into Bulgaria the cost and frequency of flights has also increased in recent years. This has made it an affordable destination for sex tourists.

Not only is it cheap to get to, but accommodation and sex services are notoriously a lot cheaper than surrounding countries – particularly those in Northern and Western Europe and the USA. Men’s Health magazine states that it costs around $200 per week to have a great sex tourism trip to Bulgaria.

In many cases, one of the reasons why people are attracted to Bulgaria for sex tourism is because of their relaxed laws regarding prostitution and sexual activities in relation to other countries. Unlike the USA (and other countries), prostitution is not illegal in Bulgaria, however brothels and pimps are illegal.

Due to the poor socioeconomic situation in Bulgaria and much of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria sex tourism has seen a drastic rise due to the high number of sex workers that exist around the country. It has become recognized as a sex tourism hot-spot in Eastern Europe.

Popular Bulgaria Sex Tourism Destinations

Bulgaria’s sex tourism industry is highly widespread, and there is not just one destination for sex tourists to visit while they are there. A large amount of Bulgaria’s sex tourism is centered around the red-light districts of major cities such as Sofia.

However, it is largely the resort towns that attract Bulgaria sex tourists. One of the most famous and popular Bulgaria sex tourism destinations is Sunny Beach – a popular coastal resort. There are thousands of prostitutes and other sex workers based in Sunny Beach, many coming from surrounding countries and cities such as Ruse, Poland and Petrich.

There are several resorts and hotels across Bulgaria that specifically cater for Bulgaria sex tourists. For example, there are several gay hotels in the capital of Sofia, including Scottys Hotel, which is run by gays and lesbians and allows guests to bring people into their rooms with no extra charge.

There are also a range of strip clubs and resorts catering for female sex tourists, particularly in and around Sofia.

Important Information Regarding Bulgaria Sex Tourism

Wherever you travel as a sex tourist you should always ensure you understand the laws and regulations that surround sex tourism.

The age of consent in Bulgaria is 14 years of age, unless the person over 14 is incapable of understanding what they are doing. As we mentioned before, prostitution is also legal in Bulgaria to some extent – but ensure you understand the exact laws before setting off!

Homosexuality is legalized in Bulgaria; however it is not fully tolerated across the country.

As a Bulgaria sex tourist you need to be safe – so always wear protection!