Brazil Sex Tourism

The largest country in South America is also one of the most beautiful. Offering lush tropical rainforests in amid bustling cities and sparkling coastline, it is no wonder the Brazil sex tourism is growing faster than ever!

What is Sex Tourism?

Essentially sex tourism refers to the industry that supports those that travel interstate or overseas for the purpose of sexual gratification. There are many ways in which people may be sex tourists, some simply want to seek a short-but-sweet romantic relationship (most common with female sex tourists) whereas others may wish to seek the services of prostitutes and strip clubs.

There are many reasons why people choose Brazil as a sex tourism destination, which we shall discuss in more detail below.

Attraction to Brazil Sex Tourism

Brazil’s sex tourism industry is one of the largest in the world, attracting sex tourists from all over – particularly from the USA and other surrounding countries. Not only does the Brazil sex tourism industry attract people from all over, but it also attracts a wide range of people including men, women, homosexuals and more.

One of the attractions to Brazil sex tourism is their relatively relaxed laws in relation to surrounding countries. For example, homosexuality is legal in Brazil which has meant the gay and lesbian sex tourism industry is booming in Brazil.

A major attraction to Brazil sex tourism is that prostitution is legal across the country. It is only illegal to run a brothel or employ prostitutes – such as through pimping. These relaxed laws mean that the Brazil sex tourism industry is huge and offers plenty of attractions for its visitors. In fact, there are over an estimated 1 million prostitutes operating in Brazil!

Popular Brazil Sex Tourism Destinations

Brazil is a very large country, and Brazil sex tourism is prevalent in almost all areas to some extent. However, there are several destinations that are particular hot-spots for Brazil’s sex tourists.

The most popular Brazil sex tourism destinations are located within the red-light districts of major cities in particular Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza Ceara. It is also highly prominent in several coastal resort towns in the Northeast, South and Southeast of Brazil.

You can also find popular Brazil sex tourism destinations in several inland wildlife tourist areas such as the Amazon and Pantanal – so there are plenty of places to choose from!

Important Information for Brazil Sex Tourists

No matter where you travel as a sex tourist, you need to make sure that you understand the laws and regulations that govern that country or state. Brazil is a lot more relaxed than other countries but is still no exception, so take a quick look at some of the important information for Brazil sex tourists below.

One of the most important things to note is the age of consent. In Brazil, the age of consent is 14 regardless of sex or sexual orientation. Child sex tourism is a big problem in Brazil and there are laws to protect them – so make sure that you stay on the right side of the law!

Homosexuality is perfectly legal in Brazil and as such has become one of the most popular gay sex tourist destinations in the world.

So even though Brazil is a lot more lenient towards sex tourism than other countries, always make sure that whatever you want to take part in is legal and avoid getting yourself into trouble!

Warnings for Brazil Sex Tourists

Prostitutes and sex workers in Brazil are not regulated, therefore they are not subject to health checks and do not need to hold licenses. Therefore you need to be very aware of the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases at all times when taking part in Brazil sex tourism.

It has been estimated that approximately 6 percent of Brazilian prostitutes are infected with HIV/AIDS – so always use protection!