Best Thailand Sex Tours

Millions of people have travelled to Thailand for some of the world’s best sex tours. Thailand is recognized as the sex capital of the world – so it’s no wonder it’s such a popular sex tourism destination! In this guide we shall look at the best Thailand sex tours.

What are the benefits of Sex Tours in Thailand?

So why do so many people choose Thailand for their sex tours? There are many benefits to choosing Thailand! One of the main reasons people go there is for the wide range of services available at much lower costs than in their home country.

Sex tours are common practice in Thailand so they have plenty of options available when compared to other cities where sex tourism has only just started becoming more popular.

The women in Thailand are renowned for being very beautiful and friendly and there are literally thousands to choose from unlike many other places where your options may be limited.

Thailand is a very welcoming country and everyone is always very eager to help you making your sex tour in Thailand very pleasant and one to remember.

For some people the main reason they travel to Thailand for sex tours is because prostitution and other sex-related services are illegal in their home country. Thailand is very tolerant when it comes to sex and prostitution meaning you are less restricted on your tours.

And we can’t forget the fact that you are visiting such as beautiful country while doing your sex tour – stunning landscape, culture and beaches – what more could you want!

Thailand Sex Tour Companies

There are several Thailand sex tour companies that specifically cater for foreigners wanting to visit Thailand specifically for sexual activities.

By using sex tour companies in Thailand as opposed to organizing the trip independently you have experts on hand to show you the best places to go as well as ensuring you know all the laws and regulations surrounding sex tourism in Thailand. This prevents you wasting time trying to find places to go and any language barrier issues you may be having.

There are various types of Thailand sex tours available – which we shall look at below.

What types of Thailand Sex Tours are there?

No matter what your sexual desires are there will be a sex tour designed just for you in Thailand.

You may think that a sex tour just involves meeting with prostitutes – however there are all sorts of sex-related activities you can take part in on sex tours including visiting brothels, massage parlors, go-go bars, strip clubs, beer bars and more.

Sex tours can be as simple or complex as you require. Perhaps you just want someone to organize it for you then you head over and follow the itinerary, or maybe you want a chauffeur and fully guided sex tour when you visit Thailand. Either way there will be a sex tourism company that suits your needs.

Where are the best Thailand Sex Tours

When you’re looking for the best sex tours in Thailand two destinations come to mind – Pattaya and Bangkok.

Many tours incorporate both Pattaya and Bangkok in their tours – particularly for longer tours of 10 days and more. Otherwise you can choose to just stay in one destination.

Bangkok is one of the top sex tourism capitals in the world with the majority of the sex tourism occurring along Sukhumvit Road. Thousands of beautiful Asian women work in this district and are looking for business mostly from foreigners.

Pattaya City is considered to be the fun capital of Thailand and as well as having a huge range of entertainment and nightlife options, it is also a very popular destination for sex tourists from around the world. In fact there are over 15,000 working in the sex industry in Pattaya making it one of the best havens for sex tourists in Thailand and the world!

Warnings Regarding Thailand Sex Tours

When taking part in Thailand sex tours always make sure to abide by the laws of the country – as no one wants to end up in a Thai prison!

The legal age of consent in Thailand is 15, however girls working in the sex industry must be over 18 and it is illegal to engage in any sexual activity with anyone under the age of 18.