Best Sex Tourism Destinations

Sex tourism is a multibillion dollar industry that is rarely talked about. However, millions of people have experienced the benefits of sex tourism over traditional vacations. So where should you go? We shall look at some of the best sex tourism destinations in the world in today’s guide.

What makes a good Sex Tourism Destination?

First and foremost the first thing to look for in a good sex tourism destination is the law. One of the key reasons people travel for the purpose of sex tours is that the place they are travelling to have legalized prostitution. You don’t want to end up travelling somewhere where you find what you had planned is actually illegal!

Another reason people go on sex tours is that the price of sexual services (prostitution, strip clubs and organized sex tours) is generally much lower than in their home country. So if you are a budding sex tourist – do some research to see if the prices are as low as you are expecting.

Remember that if you are travelling overseas or domestically for the purpose of sex then you may want to make sure it’s actually a destination you want to travel to. If you are spending all that money on accommodation and flights – head somewhere interesting and exciting so you can incorporate both your favorite activity (sex!) with a fun vacation.

Or why not just follow the crowd and travel to one of the most popular global sex tourism destinations which we shall look at below.

Best Sex Tourism Destinations for Men

The best sex tourism destinations differ between men and women – as men generally are after sexual services such as prostitution and strip clubs whereas women are more interested in having fun in the sun with a holiday romance!

For men, the best sex tourism destinations generally coincide with some of the best known red light districts around the world. This is largely due to the fact that the infrastructure is already built in and they are used to working with foreign clients and sex tourists. These cities also generally offer the best range of services and can offer competitive prices.

Some of the top destinations for male sex tourists that are also red light districts include: Amsterdam, Zona Norte in Tijuana, Boy’s Town in Nuevo Laredo, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand and Kherson, Odessa and Crimea in Ukraine.

Some countries as a whole are renowned for being popular sex tourism destinations – particularly countries in south-east Asia including Thailand. Other popular countries include Sri Lanka, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba and Kenya.

Best Sex Tourism Destinations for Women

As we mentioned before, sex tourism for women is very different to men’s idea of a good sex holiday. They head to destinations where they are likely to have a romantic encounter that may or may not result in sexual activity.

Some of the best destinations for female sex tourists are in southern Europe – with Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain and Montenegro all being popular options.

The Caribbean is another increasingly popular destination for female sex tourists – with Jamaica and Barbados topping the rankings list. In fact, approximately 80,000 female sex tourists travel to Jamaica each year in the search for a holiday fling.

Other popular sex tourism destinations for women include parts of Africa such as Gambia, Kenya and Tunisia; Bali; Thailand; Nepal; Morocco; Fiji; Ecuador and El Salvador.

It is estimated that over 650,000 Western women have travelled away from home for the purpose of sex tourism since 1980.

Best Sex Tourism Destination for Gays and Lesbians

Not all countries tolerate homosexuality – which has given rise to an increase in gay and lesbian sex tourism. It gives them an opportunity to visit homosexual friendly destinations and let loose for a week or two!

Even for those that do live in tolerant countries, foreign sex tours are becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice both for singles and couples.

While the number of best destinations for gay and lesbian sex tours is much lower than for straight sex tourists, there are still several destinations that see masses of gay and lesbian sex tourists each and every year.

Lesbos in Greece is a very popular choice, followed by Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand.