Belize Sex Tourism

The beautiful country of Belize, in Central America, is a popular tourist destination for people across the Americas and the rest of the world. While it is typically known for its stunning scenery and colorful culture, Belize is fast becoming a popular sex tourism hot spot.

Attractions to Belize Sex Tourism

Many of the reasons why people are heading to Belize as sex tourists are because of their relatively relaxed laws in comparison to surrounding countries – in particular the USA. Prostitution is illegal in all but one states of the USA, however to some extent it is legal in Belize.

The Belize sex tourism industry attracts a wide range of sex tourists every year – including both men and women. Men tend to frequent the strippers and other sex-related businesses whereas female Belize sex tourists tend to seek locals looking for a sexual and romantic relationship. Female Belize sex tourists rarely pay for sexual services, instead heading to holiday resorts.

Popular Belize Sex Tourism Destinations

Belize sex tourism is widespread throughout the country, however there are certain areas that are hotspots for sex tourists. Typically, like with most countries, Belize’s sex tourism is essentially based around the red-light districts of the major cities.

Red-light districts are well equipped to deal with Belize sex tourists and have all of the facilities that they require. Bear in mind though that while prostitution itself is legal, brothels and street prostitutes are illegal in Belize.

Towns and cities such as Orange Walk Town and Placencia are havens for Belize sex tourists; although like in many cities of Belize the sex tourism industry is largely underground.

Organizing a Belize Sex Tour

As Belize sex tourism is on the rise, more and more businesses are being set up to help accommodate the needs of Belize sex tourists. There are several agencies, many of which are largely online-based, that are catering for sex tourists by organizing them custom-made Belize sex tourism trips.

By using a Belize sex tourism company to organize your next trip you will have access to insider knowledge and expertise to ensure that your vacation is the best it can be. It is also useful having a local who can advise you of any laws and regulations relating to sex tourism in Belize and can warn you of any issues or problems that you may encounter.

Important Information for Belize Sex Tourists

Before travelling anywhere as a sex tourist you need to be well aware of the laws and regulations that govern each country and state. Every country has its own laws regarding the age of consent, and in some cases the penalties can be quite severe if you are to break these laws.

Belize sex tourists need to understand that the age of consent in Belize is 16 years for heterosexual couples. In fact, if you were to be found having sex with a person under the age of 16 years in Belize then you will face a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

As of 2003, homosexuality of any form is a criminal offence in Belize. Sodomy will also find you behind bars for 10 years. Sodomy is defined as having unnatural sexual intercourse – such as with close family members, anal sex and animals.

As we mentioned before, there are ambiguous laws surrounding prostitution for Belize sex tourists. While prostitution itself is legal there are laws against ‘street-walkers’ and brothels that you will need to familiarize yourself with to avoid getting into any trouble!

Warnings for Belize Sex Tourists

No matter where you travel, as a Belize sex tourist you need to make sure that you are safe. Belize has relatively high numbers of HIV/AIDS infected people, so it is essential that you always use protection while you are there.

Make yourself familiar with the laws of both Belize as a whole and individual areas before you set off.