Argentina Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is a multi-million dollar industry that spans the entire world. In the past there were a few sex tourism hotspots, but these days almost every country has at least a small sex tourism industry. In today’s guide we shall look at the growing Argentina sex tourism industry in more detail.

Why is the Argentina Sex Tourism Industry Growing?

Argentina is a large and beautiful country in South America. Unlike many surrounding countries, including the USA, prostitution is legal in Argentina. This is a large reason why millions of Americans are heading to Argentina to engage in paid sexual encounters that are not legally available for them at home.

Argentina is a lot more liberal when it comes to the sex industry than the USA and other countries. This makes Argentina an appealing destination or a growing sex tourism industry.

You should bear in mind however, that while general prostitution is legal in Argentina, organized prostitution (such as brothels and pimping) are illegal. That’s not to say they don’t exist – but you should always avoid taking part in any illegal activities, particularly when you are away from home.

Argentina Sex Tourism Market

Like most sex tourism destinations, the Argentina sex tourism industry is incredibly varied – attracting a wide range of people, not just heterosexual men.

The gay Argentina sex tourism market is growing very quickly, this is largely due to homosexuality being legal in Argentina since 1887. In fact, in recent years the Argentinean government has been trying to encourage lesbian and gay sex tourists to visit Argentina as an attempt to boost the economy.

Female Argentinean sex tourists are also a growing sector – with many women from around the world heading to Argentina in the hope of finding sex and/or a relationship.

Popular Argentina Sex Tourism Destinations

Argentina sex tourism is largely spread out across the various cities in the country, however there are several hot spots that attract hundreds of thousands of Argentina sex tourists every year.

La Plata is considered to be the sex-industry capital of Argentina, and the first port of call for many Argentina sex tourists. La Plata is the capital of the Buenos Aires province and facilitates Argentina sex tourisms from all types of backgrounds and desires.

Another popular destination for Argentina sex tourism is the city of Cordoba. With a wide range of sex workers including both men, women and transvestites – the Argentina sex tourists are kept amused!

The majority of popular Argentina sex tourism destinations are located within red-light districts of the major cities.

Organizing an Argentina Sex Tourism Vacation

There are an increasing number of organized Argentina sex tourism tours available. Organized sex tours can hook you up with the best destinations and deals in Argentina. You will benefit from their insider knowledge and expertise and save time searching for the best spots when you arrive.

Alternatively you can organize your Argentina sex tourism vacation independently. Simply book a flight and a hotel to your chosen destination and away you go! Just remember to do plenty of research into Argentina sex tourism before you head off to ensure you are well prepared and stay out of trouble.

Information for Argentina Sex Tourists

The laws and regulations of the sex industry differs between countries, so it is essential that you are aware of the laws regarding Argentina sex tourism before you set off.

The legal age of consent in Argentina for all sexual activities is 18, however the minimum age of consent starts at 13 years of age.

As an Argentina sex tourist you must also be aware that there are strict regulations regarding having sex with anyone between the age of 13 and 16 if you are over 18 years of age when in Argentina, so do your research before you get there.

No matter where you are travelling for sex tourism, always be safe and wear protection. HIV/AIDS is much more prevalent in Argentina than it is in many other countries such as the USA.