African Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is big business and while traditionally Asia and Europe were the destination of choice, more and more people are choosing to head to Africa for sex tourism.

In today’s guide we shall look in more detail at African sex tourism.

What is African Sex Tourism?

Sex tourism is the act of which people travel overseas (or away from their home city) with the purpose of engaging in sexual acts or seeking a relationship with another person.

Sex tourism has been around for hundreds of years, and the industry has never been bigger in Africa. Many people don’t realize that African sex tourism industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars each year despite being relatively unheard of.

Sex tourists choose a wide range of events to take part in when taking part in African sex tourism. Some may just head to local strip clubs and bars whereas others may visit brothels or arrange meetings with local sex workers. Female African sex tourists tend to be more interested in meeting with locals in a non-sexual environment (such as at a hotel resort) for the purposes of having a ‘holiday-fling’.

Who Takes Part in African Sex Tourism?

African sex tourism is a big industry, and it’s not just limited to heterosexual men as many may believe. In fact, African sex tourists can be women, homosexuals, transvestites and everything in between!

The female African sex tourism industry is one of the fastest growing with hundreds of thousands of female sex tourists heading to Africa each year – in particular the sub-Saharan region.

Popular African Sex Tourism Destinations

There are various destinations that are becoming increasingly popular for African sex tourism. One of the most popular destinations for African sex tourism is Kenya. Thosuands of African sex tourists head to the beautiful country of Kenya and enjoy the wide range of sex industry services that are available. The sex industry is particularly booming in the capital city of Mombasa.

Other popular destinations include Morocco and Gambia – popular with both male and female African sex tourists.

Egypt and Tunisia are growing as tourism destinations with non-sex tourists but as a result are becoming very popular African sex tourism destinations – particularly for women. Egypt and Tunisia have a huge number of holiday resorts many of which are frequented by single female sex tourists looking for a holiday fling.

Many of the most popular African sex tourism destinations are located around red-light districts in large cities. These areas provide the widest range of facilities and are more open to the idea of sex tourists.

Organizing an African Sex Tourism Vacation

Once you have decided which African destination you wish to visit, you can start organizing your trip. While the number of sex tourism booking agencies is still relatively small, you shouldn’t find it too hard to find one that can help you organize your African sex tourism vacation for you.

By using an experienced sex tourism agency in Africa you can benefit from organized sex tours and insider knowledge that can send you to the best places possible and often organize VIP access into clubs, brothels and more.

Organized African sex tours mean that you get the best out of your trip and don’t miss out on the best things that African sex tourism has to offer!

Female African sex tourists tend to book their vacations just as they would any other vacation. Often there are holiday resorts that specifically cater for single women and men that are common choices for female African sex tourists. Adult-only resorts often hold sex-related evenings and events.

Warnings for African Sex Tourists

Many people think that they are invincible when they are overseas. However, if you are planning on taking part in African sex tourism you need to be incredibly careful.

Africa has the highest infection rate of HIV/AIDS, which is a terrible and incurable disease. HIV/AIDs is sexually transmitted, so no matter how safe you feel you should always wear adequate protection.

Also ensure that you understand the laws and regulations involved in African sex tourism for each destination you visit. Some countries have very strict laws surrounding sex and in many cases the penalties are severe.